Standard Pantry Box
Standard Pantry Box

Standard Pantry Box

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  • Wild Mushroom Gravy with Miso and Thyme
  • Truffle Butter with Smoked Sea Salt and Lemon
  • Streusel Topping
  • Butternut Squash and Roasted Apple Soup
  • Maple Cider Dressing

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Kitchen Confident.

Made by professional chefs for cooks who want to be exceptional. A line of essentials crafted to make cooking better.

Guesthouse Pantry.

Professional Chef-made ingredients for your Home Cooking.

The Standard Pantry Box:

Amaze your family members and guests with professional-grade cooking made by YOU. The Standard Pantry Box is complete with professional chefs’ favorites to inspire tasty, mouth-watering cuisines that delight your taste buds. Take out the guesswork and enjoy meals that are so good it’s like we hand-delivered a chef to your doorstep

New Flavors Every Month:

Every Month the Standard Pantry Box is updated with new chef inspirations. Each box contains 5 items that include chef staples, basics, and seasonal specialties. Standard Pantry Boxes can also include bonus items such as books or recipes from professionals.

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